Indiana – Emissions Failures and Retests

In the event that your vehicle has failed the Indiana emissions test inspection there are certain steps you will need to follow in order to get your vehicle compliant with emissions law.  If your vehicle was manufactured in 1996 or later these are the follow steps you should follow if your vehicle failed the Indiana emissions test.

Take a look at the warranty of your vehicle to see if any of the repairs that are required are covered under the warranty.  For vehicles that fail the test you should receive a paper that covers why your vehicle failed the emissions inspection.

Get the repairs made that are needed.  The service station who made the repairs on your vehicle must sign the back of your Vehicle Inspection Report.  You will need to bring this signed report back to the emissions testing station when you go to get a retest.  If you do not have this form properly signed with you when you go for a retest you may not be allowed to have the retest performed on your vehicle.

If you fail four emissions inspection tests your vehicle must be checked out by a diagnostic tech of the Clean Air Car Check program.  If you need this to be done you can make an appointment by calling 888-240-1684 and select option four.  If you make an appointment you should bring your vehicle, the vehicle inspection report, and all paperwork on the repairs you had done.


If your vehicle was manufactured in 1995 or prior there are a few reasons why it may have failed the emissions inspection.   There is an emissions failure, a tampering failure, and a gas cap failure.  An emissions failure means that your vehicle is exceeding the allowed levels of emissions.  A tampering failure means that your vehicle originally had a catalytic converter which is currently either damaged, missing, or disconnected.  A gas cap failure means that your gas cap is not properly sealed and it is allowing fuel vapors to escape.

You should now follow the steps mentioned above to get your car repaired and retested.

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