States that require emissions testing have specific emissions testing locations procedures that are in place.  Most states fall into one of two categories, either they allow emissions testing to be performed at any service station throughout the state that qualifies and meets the state’s requirements or the state administers emissions testing at state facilitated emissions testing locations whose locations can be located in central areas of the states or at many state motor vehicle department offices.

Below is a listing of all the states.  To find the emissions testing locations for your state select the state you wish to view.  On that state’s page there will be links to different sections about that state’s emissions program.  Select the “testing locations” link for that state and you will be brought to a page which displays testing locations for that state’s emissions program.  Testing locations are subject to change so it is recommended you make a phone call to the testing location prior to going there to ensure that they are still administering emissions testing on their property.  If you are unclear about the testing locations you should call your state’s local emissions center to resolve your question prior to taking action and visiting a location.